A monumental piece that embodies the feel of our New England coast. Painted from life from 7:00am to 8:00pm, capturing a single scene as the tide recedes and returns.  

Hammonasset Tide
Oil on birch panel
5 panels, 36 x 36 in. each



A quiet subject with moving brushwork. Painted from life beside the studio window. These fleeting flowers provided endless variety, moving like a human sitter while being painted.

July Peonies
Oil on panel
20 x 16 inches
$2,300, framed


Painted on an early Summer morning before a day of bad weather rolled in. The light warmed the usual silver sands resulting in beautiful pinks and cyans.

Morning Sands
Oil on linen
10 x 10 inches
$860 unframed


A four foot painting with wonderful room presence. After weeks of study, painting sessions on the beach, and multiple photo shoots, this work was composed in the studio. It features 30 seagulls, near life size, taking control of the shore as the tide rolled out along the shore of Connecticut.

Milford Gulls
Oil on birch
48 x 48 inches
$4200 framed



As the seasons change, the sun warms up and dips into the studio window each afternoon. This jade plant has been an ever-evolving subject for the past couple years. Missed waterings, little kids, and times of growth have created a wonderful, organic shape that when paired with the pattern of light created a wonderful composition.

Afternoon Jade
Oil on panel
18 x 24 inches
$2800 framed