Just finished this new painting. It's 20x30 oil on linen and is actually a section of our backyard (I left out the ugly chain-link fence and swing set!). There are a bunch of trees in our lawn, and a wooded portion just past that, which results in way to many leaves. To be completely honest, I didn't finish the raking before the snow started to fly -- I'm definitely fearing spring for that singular reason.

Because of the slightly weird composition (head so high on the canvas) this painting has an oval top to draw your eye up. Some of the bigger named artists are doing this a lot lately (Jeremy Lipking in particular) and I was pretty excited to have a chance to do this and to eventually get a cool frame.

For those who care, I also made some minor edits to the final painting of my demonstration below. Scroll down to the Part 3 to see the final version.