Painting Folder

I'm a bit of an art pack-rat, I have files, cd's, and shelves of art prints and books. If I'm not painting, I'm probably trying to get an art fix from looking through magazines and websites.

I love finding a new artist, or a painting that just blows my mind. Every artist is so unique and they take different approaches to their subject, their color choices, and even the way they mix and apply paint. That is why art is so great, each work is unique, there can never be another like it. The artists emotions, ideas, sensibilities and even brush hairs are in their paintings, and I find that so cool.

So, here a few recent additions to my art files:

Epiphany Portrait - Hal Yaskulka

Keira 16x12 - Hsin-Yao Tseng

Man in Blue 30x20 - Michael Carson

Pink Dress 16x12 - Hsin-Yao Tseng

The Cellist, 1908 - Joseph DeCamp

The Hug - Hal Yaskulka